Camí de Lluc in the history

If there has ever been a place sacred to the people
of the island, it is the forest of Lluc, found in the
heart of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain chain.
Intuitively, all the villages have recognised Lluc
as a place of power where Mother Nature
manifests her strength and offers her hand with
cosmic energy to the Father Sky.
Mallorca is an island. Culture is the message and
each of the civilizations that have lived here has
left its mark. For the Talaiot culture, spirituality
was expressed through the cult of the dead. The
Cometa dels Morts of Lluc was a burial place
which prehistoric Mallorcans dedicated to the
mysterious journey of the afterlife.
For the Romans that inhabited the island, their
focus was in Lucus, a sacred forest dedicated to the goddess Diana.

Nature’s forces pointed towards Lluc as an ideal place in which to celebrate the fertility of the
earth.During Christianity, the Knights Templar, an order of knightly monks, had their domain in the forest of Lluc, where they initiated the cult of the Mother of God of Lluc, a black Virgin, terrestrial, who was closely linked to the land.Since then pilgrimages to Lluc have been the custom among the inhabitants of Mallorca and they continue up until today since it is this same energy which connects us to a profound reality that is still present. Nevertheless, the people of our time need a new language, one that is adapted to the new times, to be able to name and relate to each other. What are the main attributes it has in our age?Our time is characterised by the necessity of recognizing the spiritual value of nature. And it is precisely a pilgrimage like the Path of Lluc that beckons us to feel the miracle of existence in each step and in each stone, in each gliding of the birds and each twirl of the wind, in each shadow made by light and in each shoot of vegetation.

Recovering this feeling of reverence towards nature can contribute to the ecological and spiritual rebirth that we need. It is a road to make peace with ourselves, with the people around us and the planet that shelters us and of which we are part of.