Description of the route of Artà

This itinerary begins at the Artà caves and reaches
the mountain in a 90-kilometre route.
It crosses the Serra de Llevant, which has elevations
of around 500 metres, and runs along a coastal
stretch to then lead us into a valley that goes to the
flatlands of Ariany, Santa Margalida and Muro,
surrounded by fertile lands. In Muro, the route will
connect with the legendary Na Pontons Path which,
running along the agricultural flatland of Sa Pobla,
will lead us to the Ermita de Sant Miquel de
Campanet, with the natural hydrological
phenomenon of Ses Fonts Ufanes next to it. At this
point we will be at the foot of the mountain and
will start walking among olive trees and lowproductivity
lands and steep slopes. Finally, we will
reach the Sa Cometa des Morts cave, in Lluc.
As we will be moving from the East, this path will
offer us the opportunity to awaken the energies of
that which starts out from creativity and
communication. It allows us to establish a
permanent bridge between the bottom of the earth,
symbolized as a cave, and the elevation of the
spirit, characterized as a mountain. In any case,
the route goes along unfrequented paths which
may surprise us at each step.
There are places where it is worth stopping to feel
their energy: one example would be the Païses
d'Artà, the home of the wise Joan Mascaró at Santa
Margalida or the Hermitage of Sant Vicenç which
outlines a curious form of popular architecture.
But one place we cannot pass without taking a
deep breath is the grazing holm oak forests, meaning
forests without undergrowth. Extremely inviting
natural places that beckon us to meditate.