From the sea to the sacred forest

This Camí de Lluc starts at the sea, where life is born. It concludes in the highest location, the mountain, where Lluc, the sacred forest, is.
When you walk, forget for a moment all knowledge and let the celestial spiral open above your head and the beauty of this unknown Mallorca resonate inside you.
When walking, you will come across trails, caves, mountains, beaches, streams, bridges, forests, houses, animals, places of power... all of them are in your path so you may open your eyes and heart. Sometimes your admiration will awaken
and other times it will be your compassion.
Open yourself to the experience of being a pilgrim and begin a dialogue with the energies that you encounter.
Mallorca, this land on which you travel, is an island
of transformation. A paradise full of folds that appear in front of you to open your heart. Their beauty is for your delight. Honour it with every step and smile to whoever you may meet.
Allow yourself to be awed by the wonderful natural diversity and landscape that embraces: fig trees, olive trees, almond trees, persimmon is a garden that can only be observed in its true dimension by the pilgrim.
Allow yourself to be caught up by the fusion of culture and traditions. In these paths, you will also find the wounds of the
landscape, cut paths and asphalt... think about what you can do to make this place more beautiful,accessible and clean.
The paths of this pilgrimage around Mallorca culminate in Lluc, a sacred forest, a temple of ecology, a place where life is self-sufficient and the natural cycles of life are followed on from one another harmoniously, feeding the biodiversity and
This pilgrimage allows you to gain access to the heart of the mountain; remember everything that happens to you, both on the inside and the outside.