Description of the route of Ses Salines

Located before the lighthouse of the Ses Salines headland, in an area of sandy rock, with a view of Cabrera straight ahead and surrounded by arid
vegetation, we shall begin the long journey towards
the Sacred Forest of Lluc. During a few stages, we
shall walk comfortably, almost without any gradient,
with the sea in front of us and the turquoise blue of
the South filling our eyes. We shall leave behind (and under) us the mysterious cave of Vallgornera.From Llucmajor on, we shall move towards the mountain of Randa, a sacred and mysterious mountain found in the centre of Mallorca. This was Ramon Llull's retreat and from where he would bless the farmland of the island each year. Located up there, you can appreciate the length and depth of the longest route of the Path to Lluc. We shall pass through villages such as Algaida,
Biniali, Consell, Alaró, which will demonstrate their
perfect harmony with nature. We shall climb up to
Solleric, a privileged valley found between the flattopped hills of Puig de Alaró and Alcadena, and from Tossals Verds on, Lluc will come nearer and nearer. Once we have passed over the summit of Galileu, crossed the ice houses and walked down Son Massip, covered in holm oaks, we shall arrive at the end of this route towards the Sacred Forest. The point of this route is to walk along places where hikers do not normally pass and suddenly encounter the soul of the Pla de Mallorca, covered by thick brushwood, temporary streams, unexpected nooks and crannies, fields of crops and places where time passes by at a different pace, like in the So na Rossa village; all of which help us appreciate the virtue of reaching places on foot, step by step, little by little.