Mallorca, place of pilgrimage

Mallorca is an island so beautiful and unique that in the past sixty years it has become an amusement park for tourists. But for me, Mallorca is not a tourist destination, it is a place of pilgrimage.
If you travel to this island as a tourist, you will find a hotel or a beach similar to those of many other destinations. But if you go to Mallorca as a pilgrim and you feel and appreciate it in depth, you will find something special, unique, sacred and beautiful that has its own integrity and its own genius.When I meet people who wish to visit Mallorca I invite them to travel to Mallorca as pilgrims, not as mere tourists. Because if you want to have an idea of the Mallorcan spirit and feel the energy of the place, you must go without any preconceived ideas or expectations.
When you travel as a tourist, you are interested mainly in yourself. You seek your own comfort. You want a beach to yourself, a good hotel, and a good restaurant, all for you. The mind of the tourist is a very egocentric mind, very centred on itself.The mind of the tourist says: I don't care about the
place, I just want my comfort. But when you arrive as a pilgrim, you travel for the intrinsic value of the place itself.
The mind of the pilgrim is free from expectations and preconceived ideas and offers no judgement. Pilgrims are always on a journey of discovery;discovery of the place, and discovery of themselves.
Pilgrimage is a journey of self-realisation through gratitude and esteem. Thanks to the fact that a pilgrim has no expectations, he or she gains pleasure, delight and happiness in the celebration of the place discovered.
Furthermore, he creates a deep relationship with himself and with the people he meets.
I have visited Mallorca for the past 10 years and I have gone discovering with freshness and surprise the sacred quality of this Island. For this reason I tell people that, if they wish to find happiness and delight, go to Mallorca as pilgrims and not as tourists.