Description of the route of Formentor

The route starts at the northern end of the island, where the mountain chain is already a fine and
precipitous peninsula that goes into the sea. We
shall immediately be surprised by the dimension
of the old lighthouse path that goes until Murta
cove. We shall be able to guess that we are
approaching Cala Murta as the path and other parts
of the road drop down between dry-stone walls.
Without a doubt it is one of the roughest stretches
that the path to Lluc can offer and it runs by the
sea. Depending on which season we are in, we
may be able to swim when we stop at Cala Murta
and at the Formentor beach.
The ascent towards Lluc through the March valley
will start when you reach Pollença. The old path
that has been slowly restored, little by little, for public use, goes for the most part up through a
dense mountain holm oak forest. The Muntanya
fountain will indicate that we are near Binifaldó
and our final destination.
It is a short yet intense route that goes up practically
all the time and crosses places marked by their
exposure to the Tramuntana winds. Apart from
some uncomfortable stretches of road, this route
runs along a convenient path which is surrounded
by the beauty of the forest.