What is Camí de Lluc?

The Camí de Lluc is an invitation to walk through Mallorca as pilgrims of the Earth.
The Camí de Lluc is an educational project that
inspires us to redesign our lives and walk in a
lighter way. It uses a systematic way of thinking
that connects and interrelates us, whilst
supporting the local economy, ecological
farming, craftsmanship, gastronomy, small
businesses, culture and accommodation.
The Camí de Lluc is a peaceful gesture that aims
to unite religions, cultures and traditions. It
materialises in the form of seven pilgrimage
routes through Mallorca that have been published
in guide maps which can be found online in
Catalan, Spanish, English and German. These
routes start out from the four points of the
compass and go through the whole island to
end up in the heart of the mountain, the sacred
forest of Lluc.
The Camí de Lluc is a spiritual project whose
purpose is to awaken people’s conscience. We
are matter and spirit. Matter is what we measure
and spirit is what we feel. It takes into account
both dimensions, and does not forget our
provenance. We are spiritual beings living a
human experience.

The Camí de Lluc is also an ecological project that activates us to feel, learn and further value the Island of Mallorca as well as the planet on which we live.It encourages us to consider all living beings as one great family.
The Camí de Lluc is a non-profit project and all its benefits will be destined to educational
projects.In essence, the Camí de Lluc is created from the spirit of activism and serving the community,aimed at the hearts of everyone to awaken our true nature and turn us into better human beings
through a more respectful way of living and being in this world.